Rust Treatment Chemicals

Rust Converters

Rust converter eliminates the process of rust removal prior to painting.  When applied on adherent rust, it converts Iron Oxide ( rust) to a complex Iron-Zinc-Phophate which acts as an excellent base for painting.


  • Can be simply brushed / sprayed on to the rusted surface
  • On application, brown rust turns to blue grey Zinc Phosphate colour
  • Is perfectly compatible with overcoating of all Primers / paints

Applications :

  • On difficult to clean " steel structures which need to be painted
  • Effective replacement to sand blasting
  • Steel structures of Industries / petro chemicals / cement /chemcial etc



Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SARCON

Rust Preventive / De Watering Oil

Unpainted Steel components during and after processing need to be temporarily protected from corrosion before it is either transported or taken for futher processing. The protection can be given for a period of 10 days to 6 months in case of wet type of rust preventive oil and further life in case of drying film type.
The protection to the surface is given by forming a thin layer of wet oil or dry film which is generally transperent unless specified.  The film contains corrosion inhibitors.  We can offer you the following products under this range :


*  SARPO DW (De Watering oil) - This product on application on surace substitutes the surface water / moisture with an oil film
*  SARPO RP - These grades of rust preventive oils are meant for longer protective period of 2 to 6 months. these products are available in different viscosities.
*  SARPO DY ( Dry film rust preventive oil ) - This is a drying film type Rust preventive oil which forms clear films or tinted finishes of dyes such as golden, blue etc.

Applications :

Cold roll steel mills / Wire drawing Industry / Component manufacture

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SARPO-RP-DW

Derusting Compound

Rust on steel is a product of oxidation of Iron resulting in corrosion.  Steel sheets or components get corroded and rust needs to be removed/cleaned prior to plating or painting. We offer our product Sederust GL which is in safe to human skin liquid form, which when applied on rust by rag / brush, the oxide dissolves and it provides a temporary rust protection.  This is suited as base coat for overcoat of primer and paint.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SEDERUST-GL

Aluminum Chromatizing

Like steel, Aluminum also corrodes but it is not visible as the corrosion byproduct also has the same colour as that of Aluminum. Chromating is a conversion coating which passivates the Aluminum surface when dipped in the solution. On chromating, the surface turns pale green in colour and high silicone content aluminum alloy turns grey in colour. 


  •  Provides excellent corrosion resistance and good paint adhesion
  •  Operates in ambient temperature
  •  Provides uniform finish


  • Aluminum components and sheets prior to painting or assembly

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MATREAT-P38
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