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Acrylic Putty

Acrylic putty is supplied in premixed form as a thick paste which has to be applied on the wall surface with a knifing blade.  


*  The coating can be rubbed down by water Emery to provide a smooth finish
*  Acrylic based putty has superior water resistance in comparison to the cem putty.
*  Unlike Cem putty, this product is available in ready to use form. 

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MACRYL-PR15

Acrylic Primer

Acrylic primers are applied on walls prior to painting to ensure good bonding of the topcoat paint to the substrate which could be masonry, Gipsum or Plywood. In addition to bonding, it ensures improved covering of the surface. 
Acrylic primers are available in two grades - General & Elastomeric. Elastomeric grades are special grades which expand & contract with the crack formation in the wall. 

Specifications  : Available in White and coloured against request.

Application  :  For Both Interior & Exterior surfaces

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MACRYL-PR10-PR12

Acrylic Emulsion - Economical & Premium

We offer Acrylic Emulsions in both Economical & Premium grades.  These Emulsions provide good barrier coatings and attractive finish to the masonry walls.  Exterior & Interior grades are separately available


*  These products are water soluble
*  Can be applied on surface with roller / brush/ spray.
*  Prevents ingress of moisture into the wall surface.
*  Premium grades have high coverage and hiding.
*  The exterior grades have good anti fungal property with U.V resistanc


*  Matt finish products
*  Available in all colours 

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MACRYL-EN-EX

Acrylic Emulsion - Glossy/Elastomeric

These are specialty Premium Acrylic Emulsion for application on masonry walls as finishing products which have outstanding finishes and propeties.  These are available in different colours and finishes.


GL Series : Glossy Emulsions  - These are indoor wall coaitng products with silky finish with high washability and scrub resistance.

EL Series  : Elastomeric Emulsions - these are both Indoor and Outdoor application emulsion paints which are highly flexible and when applied dry to form coatings which expand and contract with the building coupled with excellent finishing.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MACRYL-GL-EL

Acrylic Coloured Wall Plaster

MACPLAST are water based coloured slim wall plasters which are applied on walls to provide smooth or structure finishes for exterior and Interior wall areas. 

Features :

*  The coating produced is hard, tough and has excellent water proofing property.
*  Product is available in colours. It can be coated with Emulsion paint.
*  Different structures can be produced.
*  It is laid in the thicknesses of 1 to 4 mm
*  Easily hides the surface imperfections
*  Product is doped with reinforced fibres to eliminate film cracking.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MACPLAST

Polyurethane / Epoxy Wall Paint

Polyurerthane / Epoxy wall coatings provide outstanding finishes with very high surface hardness resulting in excellent scrub resistance. These coatings are resistant to grease, oil and moisture or any stain. It is washable with mild acid & alkali. It can be applied by brush / roller / spray system and is recoatable.

Polyurethanes provide good scrub resistance, flexibility, and U.V resistance
Epoxies provide chemical resistance, are food grade, and high washability

Application : Educational Institutions / Hospitals / Public places / Resisdences / Factories / offices.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MACRYL-PU-EP
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